Truth from the CMMC Trenches

This presentation delves into the new government requirement for C.M.M.C. for all vendors and identifies the various ways to obtain certification.

Due to the increasing threat of hackers and cybercrime, federal legislation has been passed to regulate data, and states are following suit with upcoming legislation. Therefore, all government vendors and contractors should understand the controls in NIST800-171 and how it works in the C.M.M.C. program. They should also recognize the different levels of certification and the defined timeline. Most importantly, they must know the necessary steps to obtain vendor certification.  If vendors wish to bid on DoD contracts in the future they must complete C.M.M.C.

Cyber Security and the Future of IT

This presentation reviews the challenges of cyber security and how federal and state legislation is regulating and shaping the future of IT.

We all face challenges in keeping our computer systems, networks, and data safe. Every time we log on to our computers, we are threatened by viruses, worms, spyware, adware, phishing, rogue security software, and much more. But perhaps the most dangerous risk to our cyber security comes from the Dark Web in the form of ransomware attacks. In an effort to protect against cyber attacks, legislation is already in effect in Europe, and in the U.S. State-level legislation is in the works as well. California has passed a new law that will affect banking across the rest of the country. Currently, the Department of Defense (DoD) is implementing the latest Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (C.M.M.C.) that will require certification before any company can bid on a DoD contract. This new requirement affects 300,000+ current DoD suppliers. As a result, the future of IT departments will continue to change, and the challenges with talent and labor shortages will last well into the future.

Thank you Mr. Shaw for helping to protect small businesses in St. Louis. The information you presented at the You Collect It…You Protect It lunch and learn is invaluable. Cyber crimes and ransomware are on the rise and negatively impacting small businesses. Thankfully, your proactive suggestions can be implemented in short order to combat these threats.Looking forward to getting more information from you.


Satisfied Client, Senior Manager at Legal Shield

Wayne was holding Cybersecurity seminars way before what we see today from every tech giant.. now they’re all being reactive to a topic no one talked about. Wayne was proactive years ago and I’m sure his clients never had any issues with security attacks. Highly recommend Wayne’s guidance in the cyber debate.

-Dave Aguilar, Spectrum Enterprise

Very interesting speech on You Collect It You Protect It. All business people should hear what valuable advice Mr. Shaw gives. He’s an excellent speaker and explains it very well and gives good examples and reasons. Attending was well worth my time and very informative. A real eye-opener to how we need to keep ourselves safe.

-Rocky Phillippe, Owner and Manager, 2nd Generation, Automotive Body Shop

I was very impressed with the seminar, and how engaged it seemed the attendees were to the information you were presenting. You did a great job of turning something that can be EXTREMELY DRY, and managed to keep things lively.

We would be happy to attend other seminars in the future.

-Sean Canevaro, KIS – Keep It Simple


Mr. Shaw has operated in the server-based computer industry since his graduation from Columbia College. For twenty years, he orchestrated a thriving cloud computing business which he built from start-up and took nationwide. This business served small- to medium-sized businesses and software companies in a wide variety of fields, including accounting, legal, financial, human resource staffing, lawn care, physical therapy, radiology, religious and state organizations and more. His company is versed in national and international cyber security, including successfully assisting an international business attorney with data security challenges resulting from her travel to third-world countries. Five years ago, Mr. Shaw started Five 9s Consulting in order to help fulfill the growing demand for experienced cyber security professionals. Since starting Five 9s, Mr. Shaw has been in high demand for speaking engagements and I.T. consulting services. To learn more about Mr. Shaw and Five 9s Consulting, contact him at or visit his website at

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