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St. Louis Small Business Monthly Lunch and Learn

Missouri Business Woman Annual Conference

Sample Speech


You Collect It You Protect It.

In this speech, we explore the rise of hacking since 2006 to the most recently reported hacks. We discuss the importance of the famous 2015 court ruling against Wyndham Hotels and how the ruling affects your business. We delve further into the many lessons learned that changed the world of protecting our data and how it is ever evolving as the criminal element becomes more sophisticated.

We review recommendations on how to set up and insulate your information security system for your company. We offer recommendations to your company’s written information security protocols within your employee handbooks to cover an information breach and the required protocol to keep your company protected and compliant. We review the types of insurance available to protect your company in the event of a breach.


e-Learning Made Easy

This speech takes six essential topics that computer users should know to help keep their company safer while working. I use relatable real-world stories and examples that show why these six subjects are important to IT system safety. I get the audience to interact during, and after the speech, so they can get the most out of their time.
With over 20 years’ experience starting, building and running a successful hosting (“Cloud”) company an IT consulting firm that works in Cyber Security and vCIO services. I have put together an e-Learning system to help end users help protect their company’s computer systems. I took six topics from e-Learning done right and made a speech that takes the time to explain why we need to use a passphrase, not a password, what the “Cloud” really is and many more

What does a cup of coffee, a Russian hacker, and a tornado have in common? They all have the ability to destroy your business.

A chat about keeping your company’s data safe from natural and man-made disasters

Image a day when all of your company’s data is gone: No-email, No-file, No-folders, No-data,… nothing at all. In this speech, we look at how to keep your data safe and retrievable. We discuss various ways to lose your data from a Natural Disaster to something as simple as a cup of coffee. We then explain how to keep your data safe and what to do in case of a disaster. We take a fun, hard look at Disaster recovery in today business environment.

Think you are safe in the “Cloud” well… maybe… but do you know for sure? Come to the chat and see.


Thank you Mr. Shaw for helping to protect small businesses in St. Louis. The information you presented at the You Collect It…You Protect It lunch and learn is invaluable. Cyber crimes and ransomware are on the rise and negatively impacting small businesses. Thankfully, your proactive suggestions can be implemented in short order to combat these threats.Looking forward to getting more information from you.

Satisfied Client, Senior Manager at Legal Shield

Very interesting speech on You Collect It You Protect It. All business people should hear what valuable advice Mr. Shaw gives. He’s an excellent speaker and explains it very well and gives good examples and reasons.  Attending was well worth my time and very informative. A real eye-opener to how we need to keep ourselves safe.

Rocky Phillippe, Owner and Manager, 2nd Generation, Automotive Body Shop


Wayne earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from Columbia College in 1986.  After graduating, however, he found his passion in the server-based computing industry and has been helping businesses protect themselves from cybercrime ever since.

Wayne is proud of the long-term relationships and experience he’s developed throughout his career.  His first position was with Equifax where he assisted credit grantors in programming the 9mm reel-to-reel tapes by transferring their data in a specialized method to report their information to the credit bureau.  He then moved on to Decision One where he was responsible for servicing and troubleshooting technical issues for Fortune 1000 companies with large computer systems across the United States.

In 2000, Wayne decided to go into business for himself and built the L’Hote Company from the ground up.  It began has a start-up company and has emerged into a nationwide “Cloud Computing” company that services small- to medium-sized businesses and software companies in fields ranging from accounting, legal, finance, human resources staffing, lawn care, physical therapy, teleradiology, religious and state organizations – just to name a few!

In 2015, Wayne opened Five 9s Consulting.  As virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), he provides businesses with customized cloud computing and cybersecurity strategies and offers ongoing consulting services.  Five 9s Consulting has also made an impact globally by consulting an international business attorney in the data security challenges that are endured when traveling to third-world countries.

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