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St. Louis Small Business Monthly Lunch and Learn

Missouri Business Woman Annual Conference

Sample Speech


You Collect It You Protect It.

In this speech, we explore the rise of hacking since 2006 to the most recently reported hacks. We discuss the importance of the famous 2015 court ruling against Wyndham Hotels and how the ruling affects your business. We delve further into the many lessons learned that changed the world of protecting our data and how it is ever evolving as the criminal element becomes more sophisticated.

We review recommendations on how to set up and insulate your information security system for your company. We offer recommendations to your company’s written information security protocols within your employee handbooks to cover an information breach and the required protocol to keep your company protected and compliant. We review the types of insurance available to protect your company in the event of a breach.


The Third Industrial Revolution

We are at the beginning of a massive change in the way business is conducted. We have blurred the lines between the Internet, mobile communications and corporate networks. We now accept the notion of working away from the office or tele-commuting. Down-loading movies on a tablet and watching them at our leisure is changing the way the broadcasting industry is delivering content. Concrete can now be ordered from your smart phone and you can track the truck delivering the product to you. Buying groceries is now a function of ordering them from your device (smart phone, tablet or computer) and having the groceries delivered. We now live in a robotic world, don’t believe me, when was the last time you went through an automatic car wash. That is a robot. The world cannot mass produce cars without robots. This is just the beginning.

For companies to move forward and be successful in their industry, they need to embrace the coming change. Did you know that a fully antonymous farming tractor is only a few years away? Now the question becomes how do companies embrace the coming changes? Companies can’t look at a very narrow IT focus as we do today. Companies need to look at all the factors that affect our businesses IT infrastructure. Why, the companies who embrace the change will succeed. Just look at the retail industry. Clicks are replacing bricks. We now have Cyber Monday.

This is a thought provoking speech where we examine how we got here, where here really is and how to move your companies IT department forward.

Is your Coffee Pot Watching You?
Keeping Yourself Safe On The Internet

In this speech, you will see the 500 top passwords being used today. We explain the basics on keeping yourself as safe as you can on the internet. We discuss how a hack works along with what a hacker is wanting from you. We show how a 1950’s house can help us with cyber security today. We show you ways to keep yourself safe in today’s cyber world.

We talk about identify theft suggestions and how important the proper security insurance is for you and your family. The internet is here to stay, we just need to learn how to keep our personal information safe while using it. This speech helps you think differently about how you use the internet.


Thank you Mr. Shaw for helping to protect small businesses in St. Louis. The information you presented at the You Collect It…You Protect It lunch and learn is invaluable. Cyber crimes and ransomware are on the rise and negatively impacting small businesses. Thankfully, your proactive suggestions can be implemented in short order to combat these threats.Looking forward to getting more information from you.

Satisfied Client, Senior Manager at Legal Shield

Very interesting speech on You Collect It You Protect It. All business people should hear what valuable advice Mr. Shaw gives. He’s an excellent speaker and explains it very well and gives good examples and reasons.  Attending was well worth my time and very informative. A real eye-opener to how we need to keep ourselves safe.

Rocky Phillippe, Owner and Manager, 2nd Generation, Automotive Body Shop


Wayne Shaw has been in server based computing for the past twenty years growing a small start up into a nationwide company utilizing US based cloud computing technology. He has served clients locally, countrywide and globally. His past and current subscribers range from the medical, radiological and manufacturing firms to municipal and government organizations. He has assisted companies with the challenges of securing data being transmitted to and from underdeveloped countries. Today’s focus for Five 9’s Consulting has evolved to meet the growing demand for highly experienced cyber security professionals. You will frequently find Wayne traveling to speak across the country on the subject of cyber security protection. Need to talk, call me at: (888) 399-4696 Ext. 1