e-Learningdone right!

Ready to take your employees to the next level in security?


The most significant risk to your company’s computer system is, unfortunately, your employees. The challenge in the past is employees did not get the training. The training was also sporadic or just covered one subject like phishing e-mails. Phishing E-Mail is essential; it is only one subject among a sea of subject your employees need to be aware.

How do you solve this problem?

This can be easily rectified with continuing education done the right way.  Weekly reminders for a year on IT safety on important and fun subjects like:

  1. Don’t use passwords use passphrase
  2. How to safely store all those passwords
  3. Drive by down loads
  4. What really is the “cloud”
  5. Why do we need to change passwords so often?

…… Just to name a few.

We deliver this information in a quick easy to read format delivered once a week (we like Wednesdays), and we do this for $12.00 per year per employee e-mail address. Yes ongoing training for the employee quick easy and prices right.


Sample Email:

Today’s subject: Change passwords to passphrase

Quick Explanation:

Instead of using a password of WCX295$$ use a phrase like Thedogisbrown$#

Easier to remember, and harder to crack.

More In-Depth Explanation:

On average, a 7 character password can be cracked quickly. On average,  the time it takes to crack a 12 character passphrase would be 2 centuries. Yes, we can argue about the amount of time and the method to crack the password/pass phrase. The point is – what is more important? The longer the password / passphrase is, the harder it is to hack. Passphrases are easier to remember.

Today’s Subject: Sent to you by Five 9s Consulting and your employer.

Please pass this on. Education is the only way to make the internet safe again.